REVEALED- How being unable to fit into an aeroplane seat actually SAVED HER LIFE…
An inspiration to anyone, Louise showed just what can be achieved with a healthy mix of a positive mindset and accountability

If you’ve been putting your family’s needs before your own for so long now that you’ve lost all confidence in the areas that matter to you as an individual, then today may be the day where you actually take steps towards putting YOU first.

Being a mother is hard..

Not one person in the family realises how hard you work to keep the household together and make sure you have a clean home in which to welcome guests..

They might say they appreciate you, but if only they knew how much hard work it was to keep everything in check.. so much so that it leaves you with no energy to take care of your own appearance…

Gaining a little weight in places that you didn’t have it before, meaning you’ll buy different clothes to hide the parts you don’t want others to notice


The thought of booking a holiday making you nervous at the thought of it all being on show among a horde of younger versions of you in better shape


Any sign of bedroom activity leading you to feel so self conscious naked with the lights on that it instantly kills the mood…

Some Of Our Previous Clients On The Complete 6 Challenge
Weight Loss: 8 Stone
Weight Loss: 6 Stone
Weight Loss: 10 Stone
Weight Loss: 5 Stone

Of course, all of this is in your head, and the ‘perfect people’ that you constantly compare yourself to?

Deep down you know they don’t exist…

But we both know it’s not about that…

It’s more about making you feel more comfortable in your own skin and shutting down the voices in your head that crush your self-worth…

Now, I know you’ve tried to make changes yourself in the past, and for one reason or another, that hasn’t worked out.

You might even have adopted the mindset that you’re beyond trying to get in shape and that the road back to feeling sexy is too long and probably not for you?


Secretly, you know that there must be something you can do to reignite the passion in your marriage, restore your confidence and put your own gratification first for a change, but without all the horror stories that come with it?

Of course, there is, and that’s exactly what I want to introduce you to today.

Let’s show those after-school club Mums that have given up on themselves that you’re different… a cut above the mustard so to speak…

Enter your details below and receive more info from me on just exactly the steps I take to give you everything you need to make the kind of changes that Louise made in order to save her life…

Granted, you may need to make only a fraction of the changes that Louise made, but her story demonstrates the kind of results achievable with my program.

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Yours in fitness
Damian Hall
(Dalkey Fitpro)