Do you live in constant worry that serious health issues may be just around the corner?

Then maybe it’s time to stop gambling with your fate and take the action necessary to quash these fears…

If you’re a man between the ages of 40 and 60 years old, then this could be the most important thing you’ll read this year… it’s got the potential to change your life in a way you thought wasn’t available to you any longer, so please just give me the next few minutes of your time and hear me out..

If you’ve been putting your family’s needs before your own for so long now, that you feel a lifetime away, then today may be the day where you actually take steps towards putting YOU first.

Right now you have a list of things that you know, if you did them they would-

make you happier

increase your fitness levels

make you look better

remove all your worries around potential health issues..

But you’re not doing them.


Is it because you’re lazy? Or stupid?

I doubt it.

Some Of Our Previous Super Fit Dads

I know how hard it is to try and implement the necessary changes to your life to that focus on your health, when your schedule is already packed as it is, but not only that..

There’s also the nagging doubt that maybe your best years are behind you and that any issues you face would likely have come to you as a result of growing old anyway..

These kind of internal walls that you put up, meaning that you never bring the subject of health and exercise up in conversation (or if they do crop up, you’ll try and make a joke out of it and change the subject as quickly as possible), lead you to burying your head in the sand and turning it into a much bigger hurdle than it needs to be…

It’s usually such extremes as the sudden death of a friend a similar age that leads people to have a stark realisation of their own mortality and wondering what they can possibly do to prevent the same from happening to them…

When in actual fact, something that’s equally as distressing, is that so many fathers are missing out on being able to enjoy the outdoors playing sports with their children or grandchildren because they’ve just accepted that’s how things are..

But what if I told you that there is a way for you to be a great role model to your kids..

You can be lusted after by your wife and restore the passion in your sex life..

And it is possible for you to look forward to your next 20/30/40 years..?

I don’t want to reveal too much here, but everything I’ve laid out to you above is entirely achievable, and in a lot shorter timeframe than you’d imagine to…

But in order to make this happen, you need to TAKE ACTION and you need to do it NOW, just like Michael did…

It was great to be with guys of a similar age and fitness level who like me had not exercised in a long time and needed a kick start.

Michael Molloy,

Fit Dad

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Yours in fitness
Damian Hall
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