Don’t Let Life Get In The Way Of Acheiving Your Dream Body…

Why not ‘kickstart’ your new year ahead of time? Discover how our Over 50’s programme can help you move better, look amazing and supercharge your energy!

What Is ‘Fit AT 50’?

“Fit at 50” is specifically designed for Ladies looking to kick start their fitness journey and improve their overall quality of life in a safe, social and fun environment at a pace that suits you,for all fitness levels, with expert coaching

What’s Included?

Nutrition Seminar dispelling all the myths preventing you from getting results

12 Fully supervised morning Semi Private Personal Training Sessions for 6 Weeks in our Dalkey studio with other like-minded ladies

Step by step nutritional guidance to suit your lifestyle and taste.

Accountability, Support, Clear guidance, Direction and Nutrition Coaching

Full body assessment /Accountability / Support and clear friendly instruction
Weekly weight management.

All the Support you could want, in a group of Ladies just like you

What This Program Can Improve


Increase your strength and your ability to carry out daily activities.


Improve your cardiovascular Fitness.


Improve your quality of life.


Fit back into those clothes just sitting in your wardrobe


Gain your confidence and Independence Back


Reduce pain and prolong independence

Reduce The Risk Of;


Osteoporosis & Joint Dysfunction.

Chronic Heart Disease

Who’s This For?


Ladies who want to Drop Fat Fast


Ladies who feel In Intimidated by fitness classes.


Ladies who want to learn about getting fit in a supportive, non judgemental environment


Ladies who want to get back to optimal health (hormonal, physical, mental)


Ladies who might feel It's too late to start and would feel embarrassed joining a gym.


Ladies who feel unmotivated and looking for guidance and direction.


Ladies who want to work on tightening up problem areas

What Our Members Say…

I’d love to tell you a little more about the program, like if it will work for you and whats involved on the next page.
Please input your details above and I’ll fill you in.

Yours in fitness
Damian Hall
(Dalkey Fitpro)