Break The Mould, Rejuvenate Your Energy, Nourish Your Body And Change The Way You Tackle Your Weight Loss Goals…

Now you too can learn practices and techniques that will eliminate all the worries around your diet, let you fall in love with your reflection once again..

Oh!…, and you know all those feelings you have about feeling embarrassed about getting undressed in front of your partner? They’ll be a thing of the past too.

Dear Sir / Madam,

If you’re looking for the secret to living a more fulfilling life on your own terms, finding peace within yourself as well as getting fitter and healthier, then this is for you.

If you want an experience to give you a shift in perspective and show that you’re nowhere near ‘past it’, then you can’t afford to skip past this.

If you want to unlock the person within you who enjoys buying clothing that only compliments your body, while displaying the confidence and energy you’ve always wanted, then this could be the most important message you ever read.

Here’s what Caroline had to say:
My name is Caroline O’Leary and until very recently, I was your typical ‘jump from diet to diet’ kinda’ woman. I’d tried most of the mainstream, popular ways of trying to lose weight and get in shape.. but I hadn’t found one that suited me. Ok, I’d had moderate success with Weight Watchers, showing up to some meetings having lost a few pounds and feeling really good about myself, but at other times there were weeks where I just wanted to eat the foods I liked and that had the real flavour my taste buds craved..

But this didn’t leave me in good stead on either the scales or when I went clothes shopping.

You know the pastime that us ladies generally love and can do for hours on end, until our partners are quite literally begging us to stop as their legs can take no more?

“For me it was something that I no longer enjoyed- having to somewhat sheepishly ask the shop assistant if they stocked certain items in larger sizes, just so I could disguise some of the areas where I was carrying a little more weight than I wanted to?”

Not something I looked forward to.

In fact, it had become a chore and something I did only when necessary to avoid the way the whole experience made me feel.

Sick of the inconsistency that all the popular diets provided me, I started to wonder if it was time to admit that I was past my best and I was always going to be a little bigger than I’d like. 

“Was I really going to feel out of breath so quickly when trying to keep up with the kids and they sports we all loved to play as a family?

Or even going to have to tolerate being out of breath just attempting simple tasks such as walking up a flight of stairs?”

Surely not…

Jonathan Enjoyed The Retreat So Much, He’s Come Back NUMEROUS Times To Help Fuel His Long Term Lifestyle Changes. See His Update Video Below To See His Progress!

Fortunately, I’m the kind of person that
will air my frustrations to anyone who’ll listen!

That’s how I ran into Damian Hall and his breakthrough methods (for me at least) of weight loss and rejuvenation. In just a few short months after listening to Damian’s advice…

I had restored my self esteem to such a point I was now confidently buying tightfitting swimsuits and beach wear in order to walk tall and proud around the pool on the upcoming breaks I’d planned abroad with my husband (And you should have seen how much he enjoyed those shopping trips!)

All my feelings of my body going downhill and it being too long a journey back were soon a thing of the past as I now enjoyed looking at my now toned physique in the mirror, as well as the feelings of getting into some.. shall we say- more ‘complimenting’ items of nightwear and how my other half watched me longingly with the sort of expression I hadn’t seen him with since our courting days. (Yes, that’s right- I’d even stopped turning the lights off when preparing for things to get a little steamy..!)

I had a completely new, more relaxed outlook on life, where I was able to handle situations much more calmly as well as have a more vibrant energy and glow– my friends could hardly recognise my new persona and zest for life.. I reaffirmed my position as the life and soul of the party.

PLUS… Incredibly…

My Weight Plummeted By Half A Stone And I Lost 2 Inches From My Waist!


“It’s the best money I have every spent on myself”

– Alacoque

“This has been inspirational for me”

– Louise K

“This week has saved my life”

– Anne Maria

“This last 7 days has given me the confidence just to be me”

– Louise W

“The food on retreat has been incredible, I’ve never been hungry”

– Aisling Mc

“Not only have I come back with a plan and specific goals, I have action steps to achieve them”

– Alacoque

“One is the best weeks of my life”

– Annette

“I came back a better person”

– Nicola

“I’ve been feeding my family the wrong things for so many years”

– Annette

“I’ve loved it so much I’ve come back 3 times”

– Jonathan

“I will be buying my two sons a present of this as it’s so worthwhile”

– Gary

“Everyone needs to do this”

– Nicola

“I’ve learnt so much about myself”

– Annette

“I wouldn’t change a thing”

– Nicola

“The balance of activity and relaxation is perfect”

– Michelle

“I lost a stone in one week, that’s not bad in my book”

– Jonathan

“If like me you need to make changes in your life and want to spend an amazing week in Lanzarote then trust me you won't ever regret it.”

– Ingrid

“Since we’ve returned from the retreat, my husband and I have both lost a stone in weight”

– Fiona

“It has to be experienced to be believed”

– Annemarie L

“Don’t ask yourself “why” I should do this, rather ask yourself “Why Not”?

– Amanda M

“Your Mind, Body and Soul deserve it. You won’t regret it.”

– Aisling Mc

“It was a magical week, I am already looking forward to the next one”

– Louise K

“I would encourage everybody to make this investment in yourself, it is the best money you will ever spend.”

– Michelle P

“I made life long friends, pressed the reset button and turned my life around, I even got to hold a baby octopus while snorkelling in clear blue sea, all in just one week”

– Jonathan

“I have no hesitation in recommending the retreat, I am already booked in for the next one”

– Janice R

And it just gets better. Damian and his team gave me eating plans from his best selling Complete Nutrition System™, which were not only delicious and easy to stick to, but were also healthy for the rest of the family- meaning I didn’t need to worry about preparing multiple dishes when it came to dinner.. I could even enjoy the odd glass of wine without feeling guilty. The whole experience was like magic.

But it’s not magic at all. You see, what Damian and his team provide is as real as can be and is the answer that many women are looking for, but need to experience themselves, in order to appreciate how much your life can be changed.

Damian calls this magical experience ‘Complete Transformation Retreats’. He got the idea to put the whole package together after 15 years of being a PT at home in Ireland, listening to women like me, telling him how they found diets a struggle, exercising wasn’t as much fun as it should be and they just couldn’t relax as they wanted to due to the feelings of resentment it all brought.

As well as one to one classes, Damian also runs boot camps where he can see a difference when training people as a group and seeing them push each other- but he knew he could raise the bar so much higher and achieve results that would see his clients invigorated and with a mindset that made them feel 10 – 15 years younger.

By organising a week in the sun with a handful of people who are looking to make serious, sustainable changes to their lives, Damian was confident he had the perfect recipe that would help people like you and I smash through our limiting beliefs, push the reset button and feel rejuvenated, as well as lose unwanted fat.

His Reputation And His Demand As A Fitpro And Nutritional Therapist Catering For Ladies And Gents Who Feel Left Behind Was About To Change Forever!

Anyway, there’s a very good reason I’m telling you all this. 

I know you’re reading this as a lady who is in the position I was just 1 year ago.

You’ve resonated with most, if not all of the situations I’ve described above and you’re now itching to know how such fantastic results can be achieved in only seven days.

How can you experience the life changing results myself and a host of others have achieved on separate excursions with Damian?

I’ll tell you that in a second, but for now let me describe to you what’s involved in order for you to completely change your life perspective.. forever.

Damian and his carefully hand picked team of experts have been equally cautious in choosing the perfect venue- leaving no stone unturned- to host a fantastic ‘Complete Transformation Retreat’ in Lanzarote from November 5th / 12th. 

A week comprising of a perfect blend of relaxation, motivation, activities and working out, that create an awesome experience, mind blowing results and long lasting mindset shifts and memories that you will always cherish.

As important as your diet is to your over all health and wellness, the time away concentrates just as much time focusing on the other areas of your life both physically and mentally, providing…


Ask yourself how often you take time to relax.. not by watching TV for a few hours in the evening- but periods of true stillness. How often do you really spend thinking about what you need and want from your life?

This is what the yoga sessions provide and how each day begins at the retreat.

Time for you to reflect and focus on a sense of peace and well-being, and also a feeling of being at one with your environment- something that the demands of modern life just do not allow us to do.

The ability to switch off and not feel a slave to your phone or diary- getting pulled in all directions- is pivotal when it comes to making you feel alive and complete once again.

As well as yoga, you’ll also work on 5 life changing mind set modules

Eliciting change, learn how to increase intrinsic motivation, the consequences of which will be a journey of adaptation towards your goals and results.

Acknowledging your relationship with food, realising what you need to do to maintain a stable diet, more importantly showing you when it’s ok to treat yourself a little and when you absolutely shouldn’t over indulge .

Morning rituals, so you start the day off on the right foot spending time with your inner self, in order to be the best possible you more often and take whatever the day throws at you.

Stress Management, showing you the best possible way to deal with your least attractive emotions and how to stay cool in difficult situations.

Goal Setting, how to push yourself and aim for targets that are just a little out of reach, but not so much that you give up all hope.

That’s just a hint at what is available for your mindset shift, barely even scratching the surface when trying to convey how this can massively impact your life going forward from this point.


There’s also circuit training workouts to tighten those problem areas, shift those unwanted bulges and strengthen your weaknesses, while working on any injuries you may have.

Focusing on core training to rebuild fitness levels leaves you feeling in peak condition and able to move from exercise to exercise with ease, excitedly wondering what you’re going to be working on next…

Each day consists of a combination of boot camps, core exercise, kayaking in the beautiful clear water the Canaries is blessed with and also stand up paddle boarding, along with trips into the mountains to see the Timanfaya National Park Volcano.

By the time you get to the end of the week, you won’t believe you’ll have exercised at least three times a day, as it’s cleverly incorporated around lots of massage time and plenty of R&R…

Can you see why the stories of weight loss and rejuvenation are typical results of this fabulous retreat and not merely one offs?

With a menu jam packed full of nutritional healthy food, as well as everything described above, it should come as no surprise to you when you witness results similar to previous clients of Damian’s..

One visitor worked solidly throughout the work on everything that was available and achieved a drop in weight of a stone, as well as 6 inches off their waist!

Do you think this could be achieved in your day to day life, where any time to yourself is precious and limited?

Where meals are sometimes just a combination of whatever you have in.. which is great for the purpose of saving time, but not so much for your health overall.

Where exercise is sometimes sacrificed at the expense of someone else borrowing your time and not allowing you to work on YOU? 

“It’s OK to miss just this one session”

“I’ve had a good week until now, I’m due a day off”

“I’ll start again Monday”

All common excuses used by people who want to make changes to their lives, but are perhaps not taking it seriously enough.. not quite as committed as they should be…

But that’s Ok.

That’s why Damian has put this program in place. 

He’ll teach you all the habits you need around your nutrition, physical exercise, mindfulness and wellbeing, in order for you to consistently put yourself first…

‘Put your own oxygen mask on before helping others’ so to speak…

The cost of making long term changes to both your health and wellbeing in just 7 days where every single one of your needs is catered for?
So the cost of all of this.

I know at this point that it’s a mere formality when it comes to talking numbers..

We’re talking about making changes that you quite literally can’t put a price on.

You’ll feel so much different from the inside out, that you’ll laugh at how the old you used to have feelings of self doubt and low self esteem.

Never feeling good enough.

Always hiding your body away from society and even your partner.

It’s really just a tiny investment into a more fulfilling life from this point forward.I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s an absolutely bargain when you consider the accommodation, the location, the expert knowledge on hand, as well as the carefully planned itinerary.

As well as the habits you’ll build into your life in order to continue your development…

The cost of this whole experience starts at just


You can even choose to stay in the master bedroom with ensuite jacuzzi and truly live like royalty for the week..

But first, we need to check that you’re a good fit for both us and the other guests attending- this is how the retreats have managed to run so smoothly in the past, by getting the right mix of character and personality at each event.


If previous retreats are anything to go by, you’ll also likely meet a group of people on exactly the same journey as you, who will become lifelong friends- who you can continue your development with once you get back home, and push each other further to get even more out of your new, redeveloped, healthier and more complete lives.

Which leads me on to how many spaces are actually available on our ‘Complete Transformation Retreat’, March 10th-17th 2019..

Because of the logistics that go into the planning of it all, as well as the room available at the beautiful 5 star villa..

we only have 10 spaces available.

These will be snapped up fast, I have no doubt of that.

All you need to do to secure your place, is to simply visit this page here to book in your call to apply for your place on the retreat.

We operate a strict vetting policy to in order to get the right guests attending- we need to make sure we’re all a good fit.

Successful applicants will then be required to pay a non-refundable €300 Deposit and receive an email with all the necessary information.

When we’re closer to the date, we’ll be in touch for you to settle the remaining balance.

As well as providing you with habits that will make you both look and feel a decade younger, this retreat gives you time for reflection and a break from the responsibilities and stresses of everyday life.

Picture yourself bronzing your skin in the blazing Canaries sunshine, alongside the private pool, enjoying a dip in the Jacuzzi and have a rejuvenating massage, or switch off by reading your book undisturbed on one of the giant hammocks. 

When can you do that at home for one day, never mind 7 days back to back? 

Most of us lead such fast paced lives, juggling our family commitments as well as our jam packed social lives that we never take time to reflect. Along with that, from waking until sleeping, we’re constantly checking emails, social media, listening to music, the radio, watching TV- basically getting our senses bombarded from all angles.

When our bodies and minds are under this much constant stimulation, our nervous systems are working on overdrive and this can lead to exhaustion, stress and even illness.

Let’s put something in place to correct this today…

But maybe you need to hear from a few others who have had similarly life changing experiences on other retreats that Damian has hosted..

People like Ingrid who attended the recent October retreat and lost 2 and a half inches from her waist alone-

“I set off for the Airport early hours of October 5th. I was feeling excited but yet nervous and anxious as I was heading off to Lanzarote to stay in a villa with mainly complete strangers.

The time had come for me to do something for me as I had spent the last four years looking after the needs of my family and a long time caring for my beautiful friend who was terminally ill and sadly died.

We were greeted at the airport by Damian with big reassuring hugs and immediately made to feel at ease.

The villa was amazing. A perfect setting and a house that couldn’t have been better suited for all our needs for the week ahead. We all had our own bedrooms with ensuites which was a must for me!

So what did we do for the week? Yoga outside every morning was incredible. A great way to start off the day with an amazing teacher.
Boot camp every evening and core sessions to tone, get stronger and fitter.

Kayaking initially was nerve racking but thanks to my partner in crime Anne-Marie Leonard I loved it and now will definitely do again.

If you’re worried about being hungry then don’t be as the chef, Marguerite, produces the  most incredibly tasty and nutritious food every day.

Supping – now this was a big one for me. I have never done water sports before and to be honest was feeling a little low in confidence at this stage. But something in me changed and suddenly I felt an inner confidence that I had never felt before. I got up on that board and boy did it feel amazing. This was my day and yes this for me was what the trip was all about. Getting out of my comfort zone and doing things that feel good and to get rid of that fear that has been holding me back all of my life.

Other activities were a morning in a huge market that sold everything under the sun.  An evening shopping at the local shopping centre.

Wonderful cliff walk and a walk into a dormant volcano which was incredible.

This week was the best thing I have ever done for myself. The team Damian, Sarah, Paul and Marguerite were all so brilliant. Everyone was so encouraging and made you feel completely at ease.

As a group we all just seemed to click. All with very different personalities and all with our own reasons for being there but one thing we all had in common was that we were there to change and to better ourselves and that we certainly did!

The life coaching modules really helped me to deal with my stress and gave me actionable steps to manage it, my time and my relationship with food. The group setting really helped us all help each other as a team, in a comfortable, environment where we could express ourselves and figure out what direction we are heading in our lives.

One final thing – how did I feel on the last day?  In six days I had lost 2 and a half inches off my waist, 1 and a half inches off my hips and my weight was down – I felt amazing.

So, if like me, you need to make changes in your life and want to spend an amazing week in Lanzarote… then trust me- you won’t ever regret it.”

Ingrid Hamilton-Turley

Or what about Michelle, who initially had doubts about going it alone…

“What an amazing week!! I arrived stressed and exhausted and left a new person. Refreshed, revived, refocused!

When I booked onto the retreat I was a little nervous going on my own but from the second we met at the airport Damian and his amazing team made everybody so welcome and relaxed.

I knew going that I needed to address some areas of my busy life but didn’t know where to start. I left Lanzarote with a detailed plan, new goals, down weight and inches, feeling rested, stress free with some great memories, new friends and a tan- all that in one week pretty amazing!

I would encourage everybody to make this investment in yourself it is the best money you will ever spend.

Thanks Damian, Sarah, Paul and Marguerite”

Michelle Park

Annamarie was truly blown away by the whole experience…

“I was tired, and feeling toxic, all my good habits had been eroded away and I had let stress drive my choices. I knew that Damian’s methods worked, and I knew that if I could just get away for the week and concentrate on me and boot camp, I could reset and restart.
I was a little nervous heading off, thinking that I was being over ambitious as to what I could get out of the week and wondering how it would go in a house with people I didn’t know. But there was no need to be nervous…

Right from arriving, everything was beautifully prepared, the welcome was amazing and everyone was ready to jump right in. The camaraderie and support was so great and we worked hard but also had great fun. I had guessed what the boot camp parts would be like… but it was the rest of what was on offer that really made this amazing… from the morning yoga as the sun came up, to the thought provoking evening sessions and the excursions, the making of new friends, the sharing of stories and struggles and watching people achieve and unwind in such an amazing setting.. it is truly hard to describe.

I treasure the time spent with such a fantastic group of people.
Besides weight loss and inches lost on the week.. since coming back, I have found the materials and strategies from the evening sessions around balance and goal setting have been extremely useful and the holistic sense of well being that has come from all the angles of life we looked at on the retreat has given me back a sense of balance, a song in my heart and a dance in my step. It has to be experienced to be believed… if you have even a small sense that you need to do this.. DO IT!

I can’t thank Damian, Marguerite, Paul and Sarah enough for making it such a great experience.”

“Many of (Life’s) big decisions involve choices to have experiences that teach us things that we cannot know about from any other source but the experience itself” Laurie Ann.Paul (Philosopher)

Annemarie Leonard



Upcoming Complete Personal Training Retreat Dates

• 3rd -11th November 2019
• 9th – 16th March 2020
• 3rd -10th August 2020